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They are made of wood and leather in the best Tuscan artisan tradition.
Real wood and leather artisan wooden mules, wooden slides and clogs for sale online.
The vegetable skin we use is guaranteed by the Italian Genuine Leather Consortium.
Brings together the producers of this type of leather tanning and allows the realization of a product of the highest quality in respect of the environment.
The tanning of the vegetable skin has origins in ancient Tuscany, and it is a process that is low on the use of tannin.
It is a molecule that we find in different plants (For Vegetable Skin the most used are: chestnut, mimosa and quebracho), which allows a tanning with low environmental impact and the creation of a skin with a unique appearance.
Because this skin ages but is not ruined, assuming over time different shades that increase the unique and personal appearance of the products.
All our Handmade leather and wooden mules, wooden slides and clogs for women are customized according to your requests.
Because the assembly of the components is performed internally and for each individual customer, taking into account the variants and changes required.
In fact you can choose between various models of real wood bottom and between many models of genuine leather vegetable uppers.
In both cases you can choose the preferred color for both the wooden plinth and the leather upper.
The coloring is done by hand, in the head, and also for this, each sandal is a unique piece.
The polishing is done with waxes, creams and natural oils which give them a silky feel and an antiquated effect.