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  • Mineo Mare Zoccoli –  Candid Shots

    Mineo Mare Zoccoli – Candid Shots

    Mineo Mare worn – Italian Brand Mineo Mare Pietrasanta “is a collection of wooden slided, mules and clogs and accessories, which are made by your choosing…  

  • Mario Doni

    Mario Doni

    Hermes S.r.l. Via Prov.Francesca 44/20 56020 Santa Maria a Monte (PI) Telefono +39.3482538578 e-mail:

  • Oliva177


    SHOE AND ACCESSORIES STORE¬† IN CHIAVARI Via martiri della liberazione, Chiavari 177 Genova You can find sandals and clogs produced by the Portofino Coast brand Facebook Instagram  

  • Calzaveste, Wooden Mules

    Calzaveste, Wooden Mules

    Handcrafted Wooden Mules and Clogs from two brands, Gioie Italiane and our brand, 4 Passi on sale at the Calzaveste shop in Diano Marina (IM). You can buy directly on our online shop by clicking on the following links: All mules, slides and Clogs Wooden Mules 10% DISCOUNT ON YOUR FIRST ORDER. (visit the website […]